April 2020

UNICEF and private sector provide protective equipment

The first arrival of protective equipment has today arrived in Serbia, which UNICEF, with the support of private sector partners and individuals, has provided to support the health system in the fight against COVID19

The equipment includes: 1,549 protective uniforms, 9,000 N95 masks, 99,950 surgical masks, 25,116 protective coats, 5,200 protective aprons, 71,900 surgical gloves and 5,376 visors.

The companies in Serbia whose donations made it possible to purchase the equipment are Eurobank, Telenor Foundation, Steel Impex, Nova Communications, Vega IT Sourcing, Sberbank, Typhoon HIL, Inc.

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The storage capacity of PET packaging in all our centers is 3,000 tons per year.

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In 2021, 1,467 tons less CO2 was produced, thanks to recycling packaging waste.

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Three centers for treating recyclable and other waste in Serbia.

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The entire plant in Kraljevo is powered by a solar power plant of 550 kWh.


If properly disposed of and treated, PET packaging can be recycled an unlimited number of times.

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