Old vehicles take up huge areas in landfills and represent a risk to the environment due to dangerous substances that can pollute soil, water, and even crops, orchards, and vegetable gardens...

Although the process of recycling scrap cars is complicated because of the variety of materials and parts used to make them, 80% of almost every vehicle can be recycled. This means that in every discarded car there are unused resources, with the potential of becoming new raw materials!

And what happens when you bring your old car to our recycling facility?

After the parts are removed, they are treated and sorted into hazardous and non-hazardous waste, and the car shell is transported to a shredder where non-ferrous metals, cables, plastics, rubber, and glass are ground and extracted. The only real shredder in Serbia is in the recycling center in Kraljevo, which makes us the only operator that can purchase and recycle end-of-life vehicles!

Apart from the above reasons that indicate that car recycling is the most environmentally friendly option, it is important to know that by selling your four-wheeler, you will also make money!

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The storage capacity of PET packaging in all our centers is 3,000 tons per year.

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In 2021, 1,467 tons less CO2 was produced, thanks to recycling packaging waste.

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Three centers for treating recyclable and other waste in Serbia.

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The entire plant in Kraljevo is powered by a solar power plant of 550 kWh.


If properly disposed of and treated, PET packaging can be recycled an unlimited number of times.

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