In addition to purchasing waste and selling recycled raw materials in our recycling centers in Novi Sad and Kraljevo, we also provide cutting, baling, shredding, measuring, loading, and unloading services, etc.

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Cutting in a shear baler

In Steel Impex recycling centers we cut larger pieces of metal waste to internationally recognized dimensions.


Before cutting it in a shear baler, metal waste is treated in a gas-cutting process.


In the branches in Novi Sad and Kraljevo, we buy sheet metal from which we make bales of various dimensions, both for domestic and foreign customers.

We also offer our suppliers a baling service at their warehouse, thus enabling maximum utilization during transport.

Metal Shredding

The only registered shredder in Serbia is in the recycling center in Kraljevo, therefore, we are the only official operator that can carry out the entire process of buying and recycling old vehicles without harming the environment.

The shredder crushes and separates metal, non-ferrous and non-metal parts. The metal waste is shredded into pure E40 (metal granules) – without admixture of impurities, which is ready for further treatment in the ironworks.

When it comes to scrapping vehicles, after removing the parts classified as hazardous waste (waste oil, freon, fuel, batteries, oily parts), and non-hazardous waste (sponges, plastic, scrap rubber, cables, etc.), the shell of the car (vehicle frame) is transported to a shredder where grinding and extraction of non-ferrous metals from the ground sheet metal is carried out.


In the recycling centers in Petrovaradin and Kraljevo, we have truck scales, and we can perform measurements on request. Moreover, in Kraljevo, we can also carry out measurements of railway wagons.

Placing goods in a public customs warehouse

We have an open public customs warehouse in the recycling center in Kraljevo, and we can temporarily store your goods on request.

Loading/unloading services on the Steel Impex industrial track

In addition to the aforementioned warehouse, upon request, we also provide loading/unloading services with an excavator and a forklift for almost all means of transport (trucks and wagons) on the Steel Impex industrial track.

Using the industrial track

On request, you can also use the industrial track that is owned by Steel Impex in Kraljevo, as well as the service of unloading/loading into wagons.

0 tons

The storage capacity of PET packaging in all our centers is 3,000 tons per year.

0 tons

In 2021, 1,467 tons less CO2 was produced, thanks to recycling packaging waste.

0 locations

Three centers for treating recyclable and other waste in Serbia.

0 kW

The entire plant in Kraljevo is powered by a solar power plant of 550 kWh.


If properly disposed of and treated, PET packaging can be recycled an unlimited number of times.

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