About Steel Impex Ltd.

Over 14 years, with constant innovation and work on quality improvement, the company has developed into a modern recycling center, where non-hazardous waste is collected, stored, and treated.

The trust and positive feedback of satisfied customers who continue to cooperate with us year after year speak in favor of the quality and dedication of our approach to each project.

All our products are accompanied by international accreditations, as well as certificates of local authorities, and in 2019, Steel Impex became part of the Austrian Black Gold Holding.

The Team

We are an open and inventive company that seeks and offers a chance to everyone ready for teamwork and progress.

The exceptional success in the foreign and domestic markets is due to the management of the company, which sets high-quality goals, as well as the employees who, with their efficiency and responsibility, contribute to the implementation of processes that maintain that quality consistently.

We are an open and inventive company that seeks and offers a chance to everyone ready for teamwork and progress.

Novi Sad

Milica Uraz CEO – legal representative milica@steelimpex.rs
Maja Živković CFO maja.zivkovic@steelimpex.rs
Željka Stojšin Environmental protection sector zeljka.stojsin@steelimpex.rs
Bojan Lukač The commercial sector bojan.lukac@steelimpex.rs
Miodrag Janković The commercial sector miodrag.janković@steelimpex.rs
Vanja Ninkov Financial sector vanja.ninkov@steelimpex.rs
Milica Marinković Financial sector milica.marinkovic@steelimpex.rs


Dalibor Ralević The commercial sector dalibor.ralevic@steelimpex.rs
Mirjana Nešović Financial sector mirjana.nesovic@steelimpex.rs
Bojana Bukumirić Financial sector bojana.bukumirovic@steelimpex.rs
Aleksandra Đuričić Environmental protection sector aleksandra.djuricic@steelimpex.rs
Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy is obtained from natural, clean energy resources (e.g., sun or wind), which are constantly renewed and replenished.

This type of electricity production does not result in air pollution, nor does it harm the environment by emitting carbon dioxide, as is the case when obtaining and burning coal, oil, and gas.

At the beginning of 2022, following the Green Agenda and company policy, solar panels were installed in the recycling center in Kraljevo, which enable us to perform treatments exclusively from solar energy, instead of fossil fuels. The investment marks a milestone in the operation of our plant and enables the supply of clean energy for all recycling processes.

We count sustainability, innovation, and environmental protection among the core values of our company, which is why deciding to switch to renewable energy sources was a logical choice.

0 tons

The storage capacity of PET packaging in all our centers is 3,000 tons per year.

0 tons

In 2021, 1,467 tons less CO2 was produced, thanks to recycling packaging waste.

0 locations

Three centers for treating recyclable and other waste in Serbia.

0 kW

The entire plant in Kraljevo is powered by a solar power plant of 550 kWh.


If properly disposed of and treated, PET packaging can be recycled an unlimited number of times.

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