From remote control buttons, phone cases, and balls, to tires on vehicles, water hoses, and surgical gloves - life without plastic, metal, and rubber has become unimaginable.

Rubber is mostly used for the production of tires, due to its physical durability and water resistance, and the problem arises only when we want to throw them away. Although it is forbidden by law in Serbia to dump used tires in landfills, this trend continues, often causing fires, and releasing toxic compounds into the air and water.

70% of the total waste tires are recycled, and 30% is used for energy purposes.

Although you already know that recycling is a conscientious and safe solution, best for everyone, let’s add a few more points:

  1. Much more oil is used to produce new tires than to recycle old ones
  2. After recycling, rubber is used again to make new products
  3. It pays off – when you bring us waste tires, we give you money
  4. Environmental protection is enough reason for recycling

Tyre waste recycling

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The storage capacity of PET packaging in all our centers is 3,000 tons per year.

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In 2021, 1,467 tons less CO2 was produced, thanks to recycling packaging waste.

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Three centers for treating recyclable and other waste in Serbia.

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The entire plant in Kraljevo is powered by a solar power plant of 550 kWh.


If properly disposed of and treated, PET packaging can be recycled an unlimited number of times.

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